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Bigleaf Slopes Park

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Bigleaf Slopes Park opened to the public on April 23, 2016!
 Current features:
 4.5 miles of multi-use trail (bikes & hiking trail)
 Blue Main loop 3.5 miles
 Orange loop 1 mile
 Open-air changing stall
 Handicap accessible portable toilet
 Bike Repair Station
 2 Bike Racks
For status on trail conditions and/or trail closures, visit the Tarheel Trailblazers website at
 As a reminder, as you enjoy this facility, please remain within the trail area and park boundaries and do not venture on to surrounding private properties. Thank you!
Bigleaf Park Outline

Bigleaf Slopes Park was established by an agreement between Iredell County and the Tarheel Trailblazers. Members of the mountain bike organization approached Iredell County with a proposal to build the trail on County owned property, over the course of 3 years.  

The property is approximately 104 acres of wooded and open-space land with significant diversity in plant species. Most uniquely present is the Bigleaf Magnolia species, for which the park is named. Magnolia macrophylla, the Bigleaf Magnolia, is a deciduous magnolia native to the southeastern United States and eastern Mexico. This species boasts the largest simple leaf and single flower of any native plant in North America.  

Phase I of the facility features 3.5 mile Blue Loop of varying degrees in difficulty of mountain biking and hiking trail.  The 1 mile Orange Loop was added in 2017 to extend the total trail mileage to approximately 4 miles.  Plans for additional trails are in the plans to extend the total trail mileage to approximately 6 miles.  

Since 2013, over 1500 hours of volunteer community efforts have been contributed to the property, including topography assessment, trail design, and finally trail construction. The development of this amazing new facility for Iredell County Parks and Recreation could not have been possible without the efforts of all of those dedicated volunteers.

For more information, contact Iredell County Parks & Recreation at 704-878-3103 or