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Law Enforcement Investigative Request Form

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  3. "Saving Lives one Call at a time"

  4. This request form is for Law Enforcement Agencies that are supported by 911 ECOM. Use this form to report: CAD investigative inquiry, Phone or Radio recorded transmissions.

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  7. ***NOTE ***

    Per Legislation; A Court Order, Signed by the Judge will need to be provided to receive an UNREDACTED copy of CAD reports, 911 call recordings, and/or Radio audio.

  8. Nature of Investigation
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  10. By checking the "I Agree" box above, you agree that (1) This constitutes your signature under any applicable law or regulation; (2) you authorize Iredell County's Emergency Communications 911 Department and its managers, lawyers, directors, employees and representatives to make any inquiries necessary to investigate any dispute relating to your use of this Online Investigative Report. (3) The term of this Investigative Report is valid for 1 year from Date of Request.
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