What does my child need to bring to camp?

Please label all items that your child brings to camp! Your child will be responsible for keeping up with all items they bring to camp. Be sure that your child wears appropriate attire and/or footwear to camp. 

  • Backpack/sack/bag: This helps to keep all of your child’s belongings together. Please make sure your child is able to carry it to/from the bus, pool, etc when needed.
  • Water Bottle: Water is available throughout the day, and we ask that children bring a water bottle for refilling.
  • Lunch: Children need to bring a lunch each day (lunch box/cooler, paper bag, etc).
  • Snacks (optional): A snack and juice and/or water are provided each afternoon, however if you believe this is not enough for your child, or your child needs/prefers a snack that we do not offer, you may pack a/another snack. 
  • Socks and close-toed shoes: Sandals/flip-flops can be fine for some activities, however if your child is not wearing socks and close-toed shoes, please pack these items, even if not scheduled to use them. Last minute schedule revisions (due to weather or other unforeseen events) can happen. Some activities require socks and/or close-toed shoes (bowling, kickball, indoor play gyms, etc). Many parents/kids prefer shoes such as Keens, which are sandals with a closed-toe, so they do not have to pack additional shoes (only socks). 
  • Swim suit and towel: Please also have your child bring a towel and swim suit every day, even if not scheduled to use them. Last minute schedule revisions (due to weather or other unforeseen events) can happen (water balloons anyone?). If scheduled to swim, please have your child arrive at camp with their swimsuit on under their clothes. Some children also prefer to have towels to sit on at various times of the day (in the grass, on the gym floor, etc). 
  • Sunscreen (optional): Sunscreen (SPF 50 or higher) is provided by Camp Iredell (and applied by the counselors, see the information packet for additional information); however if your child requires a particular kind of sunscreen (due to allergies, etc), they may bring sunscreen with them (the staff will apply to them first). 
  • Please do NOT bring toys or electronics (MP3 players, cell phones, game systems, etc). These items are problematic and distracting in a camp setting. If children bring these items to camp, they will be told to leave the item at home. If they continue to bring these items, they may be held at the site or brought to the Recreation office to be picked up by the parents. Camp Iredell is not responsible for any item(s) brought to camp (including damage and/or loss).

Weapons, illegal drugs, or items of any kind that may be considered dangerous or unlawful are not permitted in any ICPRD programs or facilities.

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