Foster Program


Are you interested in helping a homeless pet adjust to the prospect of a new happy life?  If you are and you are willing to open your home to a friend in need, you may be a future pet foster parent.

Type of Care

Our foster parents help with pets who have become stressed in the kennel and may benefit from some rest and relaxation away from the shelter.  Other pets may only need a few weeks to be old enough to be adopted, while some pets need special attention due to an injury or sickness.  We provide all veterinary care and supplies, you provide the love and attention.

**Newest Program: Weekend Getaway! All approved fosters are able to take a dog home over the weekend to get them out of the shelter some. They will be sent home with everything they may need for the weekend trip. This is such a great way to get them out into the public, into a home and for you (as fosters) to post on your social media and thereby increasing their adoption opportunities. This also helps us gather information about each dog while they are outside of the shelter, to know a little more about their personalities and behaviors.


You will help pets overcome stress, fear, lack of socialization, medical problems or just give them time to grow a bit and become a fabulous addition to an adoptive family.  


We are here for you thru the entire process.  We will answer any questions you may have about our foster program and your foster pet, including medical care, the best way to socialize your foster pet and any other concerns or questions you may have.  When the pet leaves your home headed for either a permanent home or to a rescue group who will find a permanent home for the pet, you will have the great satisfaction of knowing you helped to save two lives, your foster pet and the one who took his place in the kennel!


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