Patrol Enforcement Unit

The Patrol Enforcement Unit is divided into 4 squads which patrol the 595 square miles of Iredell County. The Iredell County Sheriff's Office serves more than 190,000 citizens who live in Iredell County. The Patrol Enforcement Unit enforces the traffic laws of the State of North Carolina, as well as the General Statutes. The unit provides 24-hour law enforcement coverage for Iredell County.

Along with patrolling the county, each squad is responsible for serving a number of different civil and criminal papers. This unit is responsible for investigating all types of crime whether it be a home or business breaking and entering, an assault or a narcotics violation. The Patrol Enforcement Unit is one of the most diverse divisions at the Iredell County Sheriff's Office with a wide range of responsibilities.

One of the largest responsibilities for this unit is checking and securing residences and businesses in the county. In 2020, the Patrol Enforcement Unit completed over 41,000 security checks across the county. Statistics have shown random patrols are a great tool to deter crime from happening. The visibility of a marked patrol car riding through a neighborhood helps prevent numerous crimes. This unit in 2020 drove over 1 million miles patrolling the county and answering calls for service.

Another duty the Patrol Enforcement Unit completes on a daily basis are School Security Checks. Every patrol deputy working a patrol zone is responsible for checking the schools in his or her patrol zone. This is not just limited to elementary schools, we are present in both Middle and High school campus's every day. In 2020 alone there were over 10,000 school checks conducted across Iredell County by the Patrol Enforcement Division alone. This is a priority which Sheriff Campbell has emphasized to keep all students and staff safe in Iredell County.

Benefits of working in the Patrol Enforcement Unit are, you only work 14 days out of a month. The schedule rotates from night shift to day shift every month, and you have time off during the week as well. There is shift differential pay for all patrol deputies. This compensates the deputy for 12 months not just the time they work night shift. We also have a program through the county which Sheriff Campbell instituted called Administrative Float Time. This is for the deputy who works when the county office is closed for bad weather or other incidents. This gives the deputy time off without using their sick or vacation time. Other benefits for a patrol deputy are, they get to drive their patrol car home at the end of their shift. Uniforms and firearms are provided by the agency. We also have monthly open range days, which allows deputies to come and practice their skills on the range with their firearms. During these open range days, a certified firearms instructor and free practice ammunition are provided by the office.



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