Campus Crime Stoppers

The Campus Crime Stoppers Program strives to prevent crime on our middle school and high school campuses. It is intended to be proactive rather than reactive. The Campus Crime Stoppers Program is designed to offer students a tool, enabling them to report crimes and remain anonymous.

How it Works
Students wanting to report crimes should call the Crime Stopper Line at 704-662-1340. They will want to identify themselves as a student.

Information may also be given to the School Resource Officer, if the student prefers. The students can receive cash rewards for information that aids in clearing a case and / or prevents criminal offenses from occurring.

Receiving Rewards
After a reasonable amount of time, students can call the Crime Stoppers Line during normal business hours to determine if they are eligible to receive a reward and the amount of the reward. The Crime Stoppers Board decides on the amount of the cash rewards for the Campus Crime Stoppers Program. The rewards are paid in the form of a check made to “J. Doe” at a local bank, which will cash the check.