Criminal Investigation Division


The Criminal Investigations Division (CID) is comprised of several specialized units. Although Detectives do investigate a variety of crimes each specialized unit will concentrate on a particular type of crime gaining experience and knowledge making them more effective for the citizens of Iredell County. 

Property Crimes are crimes such as Breaking and Entering, Robbery, and Larcenies to name a few. Detectives assigned to work these cases will locate suspects, witnesses, and evidence on these crimes and will arrest and prepare these cases to be tried in court.

The Sheriff's Homicide Team - although not a full time assignment, is comprised of experienced Detectives who volunteer to respond when there is a homicide. These Detectives are assigned to different divisions, and will come together to investigate the homicide.

Types of Cases

CID investigates all cases ranging from damage of property, larceny, identity theft, to murder.


  Captain Julie Wyatt         

  Lieutenant Donald Clodfelter

  Lieutenant Adam Blackburn



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