Safe Seniors

Seniors often worry about crime. The truth is, seniors are victims of crime less often than younger people, but the effect of crime on seniors is often more severe. Additionally, seniors are faced daily with the problems of elder abuse, fraud and crimes in convalescent homes.

General Rules
These 3 general rules to promote senior crime prevention are:
  • Stay Alert. Be tuned-in to your surroundings; don't be taken by surprise. Be aware and prepared, even in your own neighborhood.
  • Stand tall and walk confidently. Don't show fear, don't look like a victim.
  • Trust you instincts! If you feel uncomfortable in a place or situation, leave right away and get help if necessary.
These rules will help you develop a crime prevention attitude. Also, the following are some specific crime prevention tips that may apply in your lives. These crime prevention tips are meant to protect you, your possessions and your income. If you are a victim of a crime:
  • Don't resist.
  • Never pursue your attacker.
  • Call the police. Dial 911 in case of an emergency.
  • Report any crime! You may have money returned and prevent further theft from yourself and others.
Crime Prevention Attitude
We have established a "crime prevention minded" attitude. We have also covered several aspects of everyday life where your safety can be improved. Let your intuition be your guide. Be alert, be safe and enjoy life.
  1. ATMs
  2. Elder Abuse
  3. Fraud & Con Games
  4. Home Protection
  5. In Your Car
  6. Protect Your Income
Automated Teller Machines (ATMs)
  • Go inside your bank.
  • Go during daylight hours.
  • Choose a busy ATM location.
  • Take a friend with you.
  • Preplan your transaction.
  • Put your money away quickly.
  • Don't flash your cash.
  • If someone offers to let you go ahead of him or her at the ATM machine, decline and leave.
  • If someone approaches your car at the drive through ATM, roll up your window and leave.
  • If you begin to feel uncomfortable during a transaction, press cancel, get your card, and leave.
  • If possible, arrange for incoming checks to be deposited directly into your bank account.