Report a Crime

The quickest and most effective way to report a crime or emergency is by dialing 911 immediately! The longer you wait to call the Sheriff’s Office the greater the chances the suspect will get away!

Here are some guidelines to follow:
  • When the 911 operators answers and asks, "Where is your emergency?", Always give them the location of the emergency (street address or best possible directions). Remember, they will ask you the proper questions. Try not to yell or talk too fast. The 911 operator will have trouble understanding you if you do so be sure to remain calm.
  • After you have answered their questions stand by the phone, if possible, in case the 911 operator needs to call you back for more information.
  • Once the officer arrives, then tell him or her as much as you know about the incident. The 9-1-1 dispatch only gives the officer the basic information he or she needs, to arrive at the scene in a timely manner. You'll need to provide the rest of the information once the officer arrives.
Victim & Witness Tips
As the victim or witness to a crime, you can also help by giving deputies an accurate and complete description of the suspect and his / her vehicle. Be prepared to give such a description to the 911 operator and / or the investigating deputy. Detailed pieces of information to include might be:
  • Sex, race and approximate age
  • Height (compared to some other person or object near the suspect)
  • Color of hair and eyes
  • Any visible scars or tattoos
  • Description of person's clothing
  • Any peculiarities of speech, walk, manner of dress, hairstyle
  • Vehicle description such as license tag number, make, model and color, distinguishing characteristics (dents, missing parts, etc) and direction of travel
Remember: Anything unusual should be reported to the Sheriff’s Office. Don't attempt to investigate strange actions or suspects by yourself.