Burglary Prevention

Physical Security
Physical security constitutes 90% of burglary prevention. If your building is locked and unauthorized entry is made difficult, time consuming, and conspicuous, chances of a successful burglary are minimized.
  1. Alarm Systems & Safes
  2. Door Locks & Padlocks
  3. Doors & Windows
  4. Lighting & Exterior
  5. Record-Keeping
Alarm Systems & Safes
  • Alarm systems should be supplied by a licensed alarm company with a central monitoring station. Check the system on a daily basis. Advertise its presence to deter break-ins.
  • The cash register should be in plain view from outside so it can be easily monitored. Leave the drawer open when empty or not in use.
  • Safes should be fire-proof, burglar resistant, anchored securely, and in plain view. Leave them open when empty, and use them to lock up valuables when the business is closed.
  • Tightly anchor all equipment / merchandise to a secure base to delay the efforts of a burglar.