Statesville EMS Base
Statesville EMS Base is the main base for northern Iredell County. It houses the training department, the operations / logistics department, the 911 division administration and the North Shift Supervisor.
It is located on South Meeting Street in downtown Statesville.

Statesville Base houses 3 911, Advanced Life Support Crews, 4 SSD Advanced Life Support Crews.  There also is a quick response vehicle (QRV) stationed at Statesville base. It is staffed by the north roving Shift Supervisor.  Statesville is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Assigned Units

911 Division
401 ALS Assistant Director - Operations & Logistics
IMED-1 ALS North Operations Supervisor
IMED-2 ALS Transport
IMED-3 ALS Transport
IMED-9 ALS Transport
MC-1 Mass Casualty & Rehab Trailer

Specialty Services Division
IMED-50 ALS Specialty Services Supervisor
IMED-51 ALS Transport
IMED-52 ALS Transport
IMED-53 ALS Transport
IMED-54 ALS Transport
Statesville EMS Base