Property Assessment

2023 Listing Period Advertisement

Listing Period

Iredell County real property is permanently listed and the ownership is established as of January 1 of the tax year. All improvements to real property must be listed by the owner during the listing period which is the month of January.


Iredell County mails to all owners of record an abstract form to be used for listing purposes in early January of each year. This form should be completed as to any real estate improvements made or started during the last calendar year and returned per instructions. Report all new buildings, improvements, updates, remodels and additions, and give your cost and percent complete as of January 1. The owner is to report any buildings or improvements that have been removed or demolished prior to January 1.

All improvements should be listed even if considered maintenance, not just those shown on the form. North Carolina law requires that property be listed at 100% true value.

Building Permit

Obtaining a building permit does not list improvements to real property. For assistance in completing the Changes to Real Property form please call 704-878-5368.

Transfer of Ownership

Transfer of ownership during the year does not relieve the seller of tax liability. It is recommended that a tax payer should check their tax information at least every reappraisal cycle. The assessed value, property description and description of improvements of real property may be obtained in the form of the property record card (appraisal card) from the County Assessor’s Office or online.


The schedule of assessed values is established as of January 1 of the last countywide reappraisal. Changes in assessed value between reappraisals are made to reflect changes made to the property, such as:

  • Change in zoning
  • Demolitions
  • New construction
  • Remodeling
  • To correct errors and misapplication of the schedule of values

File an Appeal

Assessed values should reflect Fair Market Value as of January 1 of the last reappraisal. If you feel the assessed value of your property is incorrect you may file an appeal with the Iredell County Board of Equalization and Review. All appeals must be postmarked prior to the adjournment of the Board. 

Adjournment dates are typically in late April and are advertised prior to the 1st meeting each year. You may obtain an appeal form by making written request to the County Assessor, acting as Clerk to the Board, at: 

PO Box 1027 

Statesville, NC. 28687


For questions on Real Property Appraisal call 704-878-5368. For questions regarding appeals of real property value contact us at 704-878-3017 or by email.