Third Creek Watershed

Purpose of the Project
The Third Creek Watershed Project was established to control excessive flooding on Third Creek. This pilot project for the southeast involves eleven flood control structures along Third Creek. 10 of the sites are located in Iredell County, and 1 site is located in the edge of Alexander County near the Iredell County line.

Prior to this project, flooding on Third Creek had caused much widespread damage, since the land was 1st cultivated around 1750. Therefore, the construction of these sites was of great benefit to citizens of the sponsoring counties of Iredell, Rowan, and Alexander. Rowan and Iredell Counties receive 99% of the flood control benefits of these structures.
As a result of action taken in 1974 to dissolve the Third Creek Watershed Improvement District, the Iredell Soil and Water Conservation District and Iredell County assumed responsibility for maintenance of the eleven sites. An on-site inspection is conducted annually in early spring to determine maintenance needs for each of the 11 sites.

Project Aspects
The Iredell Soil and Water Conservation District, through the Third Creek Watershed flood prevention system, began rehabilitation on Third Creek Watershed site number 9 on October 17, 2011 and completed the work on November 1, 2011. The project involved removing and replacing the existing valve, valve stem, and access door. Work was also performed on the stilling basin, maintenance boundary fence, and the access road. This project replaced the original items that were installed in February, 1957.

This is the 9th dam out of 11 that has had some type of rehabilitation work.