TEXT TO 9-1-1

Tips for Using Text to 9-1-1

  • Always text your location first Texting the location immediately is vital for a quick response.

  • Key Questions you will be asked: Who? What? Where? When? Weapons?

  • All texts to 9-1-1 are subject to North Carolina public records laws just as the phone calls.

  • Residents are encouraged not to “test” this service by texting 9-1-1 unnecessarily. Texts to 9-1-1 require the call-taker to stay on that line, therefore the call-taker is not available to answer other calls requesting emergency services.

  • A voice call is still the preferred option.

  • A text or data plan is required in order to text 9-1-1 with these major carriers.

  • Poor reception due to your location or lack of service coverage by your carrier could result in a bounce back message that text to 911 is unavailable.


Candy Miller, Iredell County 911 Director

"The Iredell County Emergency Communications Center continues to work with the community and all emergency responders to improve the quality of life for residents through inclusion, diversity, and trust"

"Call if you can, text if you can’t.”

Keep in mind that emergency texts to 9-1-1 do not receive priority on the wireless network therefore when using texts to 9-1-1 speed can depend on the network strength and availability of the wireless carrier.

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