Short-Term Rental Regulations

Iredell County, NC

Iredell County Short-Term Rental Regulations

The Iredell County short-term rental regulations apply to all properties within Iredell County’s zoning jurisdiction.  Any property used as a short-term rental shall apply and obtain a zoning permit and meet all the requirements set forth in the Iredell County Land Development Code.

Short-term rental (vacation rental).  A primary or accessory dwelling unit that is rented for personal use or vacation, leisure, or recreation purposes for periods 90 days or less. This can include whole house and partial house rental.

Short-term rentals are allowed in all zoning districts excluding Industrial (M1 and M2). In OI, NB, HB, GB, new dwelling units are not permitted; in the case of a legal non-conforming use and/or structure, a STR is permissible provided Chapter 15 and the requirements set forth herein are met.

Performance Requirements

A. Application.

A property owner shall submit a request for a zoning permit in accordance with Chapter 8 of this Ordinance. As part of the application process, the Zoning Administrator may request the submission of a site plan to illustrate compliance with the performance requirements; the Zoning Administrator may require, without limitation, the inclusion of the following on the site plan: the deed reference of the subject property, the number of bedrooms, location of signage and adequate parking. The applicant shall also acknowledge that it is the responsibility of the property owner to ensure compliance with any and all restrictive covenants, restrictions of homeowner or property associations governing the subject property, and/or lender requirements included in any deed of trust or loan documents for which the subject property serves as collateral.

The Zoning Administrator may deny or revoke a zoning permit in the event:

1. The property owner submits incomplete or inaccurate information, or fails to illustrate how the requirements set forth herein will be met; or

2. The property owner has previously incurred two (2) or more verified zoning violations of this Performance Requirement (R68) at the subject property.

A new permit for the same property that has a revoked STR permit shall not be approved until one (1) year has passed following the date of the revocation of the permit.

B. Number allowed.

Only one STR shall be permitted per approved Dwelling Unit. An STR may be permitted in an Accessory Dwelling Unit. When a Main Building, as the primary dwelling unit, is used as an STR, an accessory dwelling unit may also be used as part of the STR rental only when rented as one unit to the same party. In OI, NB, HB, GB, new dwelling units are not permitted; in the case of a legal non-conforming use and/or structure, a STR is permissible provided Chapter 15 and the requirements set forth herein are met.

C. Maximum occupancy

The occupancy shall not exceed two (2) persons per bedroom, plus two (2) additional persons. Bedrooms used and advertised shall match the most recent Iredell County tax records for the subject property. The maximum occupancy shall be posted prominently with the STR; the property owner shall ensure that all online listings and advertisements set forth the maximum number of guests. For illustrative purposes only, if the Dwelling Unit has three bedrooms according to the Iredell County tax records, a total of eight (8) persons are allowed. Children under three (3) years of age shall be excluded from the occupancy calculation.

D. Parking

A minimum of one (1) off-street parking space for each bedroom is required. No on-street parking shall be allowed. All parking shall be entirely on-site, in the garage, driveway or otherwise out of the road right-of-way.

E. Designated Responsible Party

All STRs shall have a contact available 24 hours a day to respond to any questions, complaints or other issues that may arise. The contact name and phone number shall be permanently posted on the outside of the rental unit in a prominent location at driveway entrance not to exceed 3 sq/ft. Any changes shall be promptly updated and reposted.

F. Noise

All STRs are subject to and shall comply with the noise regulations set forth within the Iredell County Code of Ordinances as enforced by the Iredell County Sherriff’s Office.

G. Signage

No signage is permissible that advertises the property as a STR. One on-site sign, not to exceed 3 sq/ft. is permissible identifying name of property. Notwithstanding the foregoing, this limitation does not include the required posting of contact information set forth in Paragraph E herein, which shall be in addition to the one on-site sign permitted by this Paragraph G.

H. Events

STRs shall not be advertised or used to hold special events. Any large gatherings that exceed the occupancy limits of the zoning permit including but not limited to weddings, parties, reunions or other large gatherings, are prohibited. The property owner shall not make the STR available to short-term rental guests for a period of less than overnight.

I. Effective Date, expiration and/or revocation.

In the event of a sale or other transfer of any Dwelling Unit for which a zoning permit has been issued for a STR, the permit shall automatically expire upon the conveyance and recordation of the deed.

January 1, 2024, it shall be a violation of the Iredell County Land Development Code to operate a Short-Term Rental without issuance of a zoning permit as set forth herein.

To apply for a short-term rental zoning permit click here.