Lost Pets

If your pet becomes lost, don't delay. Take the following steps to bring your pet home safely.

1. Canvass the area where the pet went missing.

2. Report your missing animal to Iredell County Animal Services

3. Engage your community! Both in person and online.

                     -In Person: posting lost flyers in high traffic locations. Telling neighbors about your lost pet. 

                     -Online: use social media - there are many lost and found groups and neighborhood groups you can post in. Also post on your personal page! So many people are willing to share a post about a lost pet.

4. Check our Found Pets tab to see pets that have been reported as "found" in Iredell County

4. Don't give up your search! Animals who have been lost for months have been reunited with their owners. Expand your search area and repost to social media.

Petco Love Lost is a national database that utilizes pet facial recognition technology to search thousands of pet listings from users and shelters across the country. Simply upload a photo of your pet to start the search!

These reports are of animals that have been reported as missing by their owners or caretakers. If you have found any of these animals, please contact Iredell County Animal Services

Lost dog

Lost cat

Lost other

Prevention: a pet (even an indoor pet) has a better chance of being returned to his/her owner if they always wear a collar and an ID tag. We sell both at the shelter for a very low cost, we will even engrave the tag for you! To further ensure that your pet makes their way home consider microchipping them. Your local veterinarian can assist you with this!

Lost Dog and Cat