Faithwatch is a program which was designed by Sheriff Darren Campbell to allow the Iredell County Sheriff’s Office a way to work with, and educate minister, pastors and faith leaders about the Iredell County Sheriff’s Office operates.

This class is specifically designed for ministers and church leaders. We cover many topics about the sheriff’s office to include; the history and formation of the office of sheriff, the detention center operations (which includes a tour of the facility), the various divisions within the Iredell County Sheriff's Office, information on how to legally handle the issues of domestic violence, and sexual assault or abuse if it arises in the church, experience use of force scenarios from the deputies point of view and receive information about current illegal and prescription drug trends.

By teaching our faith leaders about the sheriff’s office, we are able to dispel community myths about the agency, we form strong communities with our houses of worship, and establish clear lines of communication so if issues come up in the community, we can speak with faith leaders.

Another facet of this program is, we hope by working with our faith leaders, some may feel a calling to join with our agency as Chaplains and mentors.

If you are interested in this program or want further information, please contact Sheriff Darren Campbell at or call 704-878-3180.