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1. Is there a voter registration deadline in North Carolina?
2. Where can I get voter registration forms?
3. I think I am registered, but I am not really sure. How can I find out?
4. If my information on the Board of Elections website is not correct, what should I do?
5. If I move within Iredell County or my resident address changes inside Iredell County, do I need to do anything to my voter registration?
6. If I am a registered voter within North Carolina and move into Iredell County, do I need to do anything to my voter registration?
7. If I am registered to vote in another state and move to North Carolina, do I need to register again to vote?
8. How do I change my address?
9. How do I change my party affiliation?
10. Can someone else sign my voter registration application or can they vote for me?
11. How do I find my polling place?
12. Where is the Board of Elections located?
13. Can I vote at the Board of Elections on Election Day?
14. What hours are the polls open?
15. If I am already in line when the precinct closes at 7:30 p.m., do I still get to vote?
16. Do I have to show identification at the precinct before I can vote?
17. How can I receive an absentee ballot?
18. I will be out of the county/country on election day. How can I vote?
19. If I am registered as unaffiliated, can I vote in a primary election?
20. How are ineligible voters removed from the voter registration rolls?