VICE / Narcotics Unit

The VICE / Narcotics Unit conducts investigations regarding the illegal use of controlled substances within the County. The Vice / Narcotics Unit utilizes undercover operations to identify and arrest individuals that are involved in prostitution, illegal gambling as well as the distribution of illegal drugs. Cases made by the Vice / Narcotics Unit are handled in state court as well as federal court. The Vice / Narcotics Unit works closely with other local, state and Federal law enforcement agencies. There are currently 6 detectives assigned to the unit along with 4 Interstate Criminal Enforcement (ICE) Officers.

Interstate Criminal Enforcement (ICE)

 The Interstate Criminal Enforcement (ICE) unit is one of many support units within the Sheriff’s Office. The ICE unit’s primary function is traffic enforcement while at times being called upon to assist Detectives and Road Patrol with various duties. The ICE unit assists with criminal investigations, speed reduction and Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) enforcement within Iredell County primarily within the scope of Interstates 40 and 77 as a reduction strategy for traffic accidents, impaired driver and speed reduction to make our interstates safer.

2017 Yearly Narcotics Report
2016 Yearly Narcotics Report