Community Oriented Policing (COPS)
 It has been implemented with the Deputies to have a COPS philosophy through out the Sheriff's Office. A specialized team of officers were assigned to the southwest section of the county. As the population, traffic and potential for criminal activity increased in that section, a grant was obtained and implemented the program.
A group of uniformed police officers inside city hall
The program seems to be working well.  Sheriff Darren E. Campbell is constantly researching other grant opportunities to improve the quality of life for Iredell County residents. Community policing is the basis of modern policing; so you will find us out there on patrol, always observant and aware of the usual and the unusual, always prepared to respond quickly and professionally when duty calls. We take a modern, proactive approach to policing, engaging the community in professional and positive ways to set the tone of order and civility.

The constant patrol presence of our officers greatly impacts the crime picture in our county, helping to keep violent crimes and property loss or damage as low as possible. Yet we are reminded every day that the ultimate responsibility for peace, crime prevention, crime detection, and criminal apprehension resides not only with our officers but with our citizens as well.

Community Cooperation

The job simply cannot be done without the input and cooperation of our community. Comity and cooperation between the community and their police is what creates and keeps a peaceful and progressive society. For that reason, citizen involvement and coordination is our Department’s most treasured asset.

Team Members