Civil Process Unit


The Sheriff’s Office is responsible for the service of all Civil Processes within Iredell County.  These processes include:
  • Attachments
  • Child Custody Orders
  • Civil Orders for Arrest
  • Civil Summons
  • Claim and Deliveries
  • Domestic Violence Orders
  • Juvenile Summons
  • Magistrate Summons
  • Tax Warrants
  • Writs for Possession (real and personal property)
  • Writs of Executions (enforcement of money judgments)
Approximately 18,000 various civil papers are entered through the Civil Process unit. There are 11 deputies who handle the bulk of the Civil Process papers.


Papers must be received within 15 working days prior to the court date. Faxed copies are served only in case of an emergency. All papers must be dated, signed, and have a file number listed.  Papers must list a physical address for the defendant.

Staff Members

Service Fees

       Service Fee Checks should be made out to the Iredell County Sheriff's Office

  • $30 for in-state papers (paid at the Iredell County Sheriff's Office)
  • $50 for out-of-state papers (paid at the Iredell County Sheriff's Office)
Payments accepted are: 
  • Cash
  • Cashier's Check
  • Money Order
No personal checks please. Cashier's checks should be made payable to the Iredell County Sheriff's Office.

We can not serve a post office box.

2017 Civil Report
2016 Civil Report